More White

This morning I went out to take down a towel I'd hung on the clothesline.
The humidity was a bit oppresive,
but the new "white" I saw made up for it!
Well, not ALL white...the spiderwort bloom above was a soft lavender.
And seeing it bloom reminded me that I'd mislabeled another plant in the bed as "spiderwort".
 And speaking of mislabeling, I've supposed the plant above to be one of those
miniature potted roses probably meant for indoors.  
I even THOUGHT I remembered "trying" it outdoors several years ago.
It never bloomed.  Just sprawled.
Today, white blossoms!  Apparently a wild raspberry bush!  Hmmmmm.
 More white here...
and this "white" blooms from a stem half-broken and lying in a small hosta.
 But HERE are my real delights!
For over 10 years this peony busy has produced maybe one flower per year.
 THIS year, things are different!
And could it be the flower in previous years was not white?
Does anyone know if that is possible?!?


  1. So pretty! We have a lot of white in our gardens too, because it shows up so well in our shady yard. Our peonies aren't blooming yet.

    1. Ours JUST opened this morning and were slow compared to others around us.....

  2. How beautiful! I was late to the appreciation of white as I'd always been a fan of screaming bright colors. However, white is so refreshing and can be complex in it's various shadings in flower and foliage as your beautiful pictures show.

  3. Very pretty Rebecca. You know my favorite thing about whites is when out in the dark, you can still see the white blooms stand out and looking pretty. My Peonies put out quite a number of blooms this year also.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

    1. The "conditions" must have been JUST RIGHT!
      Cher, are you no longer blogging? (Or have I just not hit the right buttons????)

  4. White is definitely cooling in the garden. Love the peony and fence!