Diversion & Definition

 Friday afternoon, our diversion was a walk along the River Greenway.
(One could wish the river wasn't so brown....but it is what it is.)
The scenic paved pathway is appreciated by bikers and walkers alike.
 I took THESE  three photos from the bench I warmed while my husband
walked a bit further (path can be seen to far right above...).
The sky was unusually beautiful above the tree tops.
Returning home, my husband turned his energies toward definition--
 Few things are more attractive than a newly-defined (and weeded) flower bed!
 and this one was not an exception!
My part?  To admire and transplant a heuchera
I found under an overpowering hosta in another flower bed.  
I was actually able to divide it into three - two of them seen below.


  1. What a pretty day! I enjoyed your walk and your flower beds look wonderful!

  2. That is one awfully brown river. Your garden bed looks beautiful. Your hubby did a great job edging it. I need to get that done yet this year for my loan Paperbark Maple. Been too busy replacing lost plants last year yet.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  3. So cool that you're both back playing in your garden! Your newly edged and weeded bed looks grand!