A New Angle

Here's a different perspective for me!  I stood behind our shed and took a picture of the lilac bed and the side garden that grows along our garage.  Seeing it this way gives me a few more ideas!!!
These mature lamb's ear grow in the garage-side garden. I transplanted a few a couple of weeks ago. They seem to have taken root just fine...
 A couple of days ago, we moved these chairs to a new spot thinking we may create a mulched or graveled area to include the tree behind them.  We'll wait for cooler weather to tackle THIS project!
Behind them, the clematis bloom...
...and they overlook the bed that includes the grass and this lily.


  1. Beautiful! Everything is blooming so well. I like the chairs too.,

  2. I like that view along the stone wall. It's good to check out the garden from different angles.

  3. love your stone wall...
    your gardens are beautiful.

  4. Rebecca ! You have lovely views of your gardens and that seating area project is much like my garden bench project that I am eventually going to finish ! : ) .. I love the sound of pea gravel from under your feet .. and it would be perfect for my little bench area , just like yours : ) .. how can some one not have Lamb's Ears in the garden ? .. I love how it feels and looks : )
    PS .. My day lilies are blooming away too !