Our Second-Hand Garden

This young dove seemed too young to respond to our near presence last night as we passed by the arbor at our local County Extension Garden.  Located about eight miles or so from our home, we try to visit it at least bi-weekly during the spring, summer and autumn months.  This second-hand garden experience benefits us in many ways including:
  • Familiarizing us with names of a variety of plants
  • Showing us the life cycle of unfamiliar flowers
  • Giving us ideas of what may work in our yard/garden
  • Prompting us regarding garden maintenance (pruning, mulching, dead-heading)
  • Pleasuring us with colors and scents we don't have in our garden
  • Exposing us to plants we don't have room for or conditions to cultivate successfully on our property
  • Suggesting  landscapingpossibilities
  • Providing peaceful and relaxing recreation after a hard day of work.   
  • It's FREE entertainment!
 The astillbe were particularly amazing last night!
Is there a garden in your vicinity that you frequent?  What do you find enjoyable and educational about it?


  1. Beautiful place to visit Rebecca, we have a Botanical garden in our city, but don't go that often, and we should try and visit more often. Our visits usually occur when we attend a wedding or they have an event, which as you might guess are really busy times.
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. What a great way to spend an evening. The astillbe are indeed stunning. We love doves too. We have several that dine in our yard. Sometimes, I'll see them napping out there under the bird feeder.

  3. Rebeca, the first picture with the dove is absolutely beautiful! I wish we had a place like that here. I love visiting other peoples gardens and hearing them say names of the plants they grow. It truly is a learning experience.

    Hope you're having a wonderful sabbath!
    Lea I'm anxious to hear about the Abbey!