Not in MY Garden! (Yet)

 While walking in a neighboring town yesterday, I saw this sight.  (From a distance, it was only COLOR I saw--and it was striking!)  I couldn't get enough of the close-up view...
Actually, this is not a color I would probably have in our yard and garden.  But that doesn't keep me from admiring it in someone else's scheme!  It took my breath away.  As did the colors in this window box...
Are there colors YOU admire when you see them that you can't imagine in your own yard or garden?
You can see a few of the other sights we saw here.


  1. Lovely lovely colors indeed. Those lilies are great for color. No colors I wouldn't put in my garden. I love them all but do try to combine them nicely. No magenta petunias near red roses for example. Not a cool scheme but one I've seen in a roadside planting.

  2. I'm pretty much like a child about colors, I like them all, I am not as fond of orange it clashes with my pinks...but I throw it in anyway.

  3. Forgot to say the sculpey labels are holding up admirably. The stain has weathered off but no deterioration of the marker itself so far. They worked well for my son to ID the J. maples.

  4. I love all colors. To each a place and season. Those are striking plantings you found.