The Price is Right

Lying on the side of the country road yesterday, I spied a pile of "stuff" with a sign saying "FREE".  My friend was driving, and it wasn't a good time to stop.  Last night my husband agreed to drive out with me and see if anything was left.  Sure enough! 
Look at these sweet "feet"...
and the rust...just the right amount!
My husband remembered we had an extra piece of glass in the garage (I'm always on the lookout for glass - even if I don't have anywhere special to put it - yet!) This one fit perfectly!
Now to find the perfect place for it...
On a covered porch or patio, pillows - or something else - could be stored inside.  The lid lifts off!


  1. I love it - and what a great price!

  2. it - i think i need you to be my neigbor and then i would take you with me everywhere i go! and soon i would need nothing from the "store" ever again!

  3. What a great find!!! It does have the perfect amount of rust.

  4. My goodnes Rebecca that is a perfect "free" find girl ! and how amazing is it with that glass top : ) I love seeing things like this put to use .. "one person's junk is another person's treasure" applies to this one for sure : )

  5. CUTE!!!
    What a cute idea to put glass on top!