Out and About

 My friend and I enjoyed breakfast at the Covered Bridge Restaurant before heading to Hurshtown Gardens--an Amish enterprise near my home.  While their stock has thinned out, their hanging baskets were some of the grandest, most healthy I've seen this year! 
 I didn't buy a hanging basket but purchased some onions and tomatoes to enjoy at home. 
We then headed to Parent Road where I bought the "Blackie" sweet potato vine (below),
some red raspberries, 
and some eat-out-of-hand peas.
After depositing the vine on a lawn chair near the garage door for future planting, I strolled around the front of our house where I found the first bloom on this clump of black-eyed-Susans.  It's just a matter of time till they are all open and "smiling" at me!


  1. Those are amazing looking baskets. You'll like that sweet potato vine. They really put on a show.

  2. Very beautiful flowers. Sounds like you had a great day.