No Place Like Home!

I was anxious to stroll in my own yard after a week of beauty in see what had changed and to enjoy the familiar.  The fern, hosta, and sedum had grown to proportions I haven't seen in the six summers I've gardened here!
The astillbe may not have become fuller, but certainly taller!
The color of the spirea blooms never cease to draw my eye to them.
The clematis had spilled over the backside of the fence!
Not to be outdone, several hosta had bloomed themselves!
A great amount of rain fell yesterday.  There are weeds waiting to be addressed tomorrow. Today, however, is a day of rest.


  1. Beautiful flowers! I especially like the shade flowers, the hostas and ferns. If you have any tips for growing ferns, I would appreciate them. Mine just aren't lush like those in your picture.

  2. Your garden is so beautiful. We have many of the same plants, but no ferns. We need some after seeing yours!

  3. So nice to be greeted by happy plants! Seems the rain is keeping everything looking up!

  4. Lucky you and your plants to get the rain! We are bone dry here and I tell you I've been working in the garden. Your garden looks most happy. That clematis is stunning!

    If you ever get to Tennessee stop by anytime. Just email me first. It was my garden you saw on the Bloom Day post. Our blog can be confusing because we have three posters but I am the main one here in Tennessee. Skeeter is in Georgia, and my sister Dawn is in Maine. Have a good day of rest.

  5. What a pretty garden. I love the color of your exuberant clematis, and the soundtrack that played as I viewed your photos was just perfect!

    Thank you for joining our stroll. How nice to meet you and share a walk through your garden!

  6. Is it just me or is every body's gardens extra beautiful this year!