Other Peoples' Flowers

 Yesterday evening - in Shipshewana, IN
we strolled The Boardwalk between a wonderful meal and Gospel Quartet show.
 Then today, I drove with a friend to an Amish farm well-known for their hanging baskets
and beautiful flowers.  Here are some growing in their yard.
At the beginning of the season, this structure is
FILLED with their beautiful hanging baskets for sale.
They bottle and sell the fertilizer that is the "secret" of their blooms.
Since I don't "do" annuals, I get much pleasure from 
Other Peoples' Flowers!


  1. Lovely annuals! I don't grow a lot of annuals either but it's fun to admire the beautiful and colorful baskets that others grow!

  2. WOOOW! I'm out of words to describe it. Lovely!