Home Again, Home Again

 After a few days in the city, I returned home eager to see if any of my lilies were open.
The rain had already started to fall,
 but I was able to photograph THIS one--
 apparently the first and only one so far!
 I noticed a couple of other of my favorite perennials
 looking full and fine.

My observations were cut short by a determined rain.
We've certainly had our share the last few days!
No complaints.


  1. Pretty blooms. Can you send some of your rain our way?

    1. It's raining AGAIN (Sunday morning)! At this point, I wouldn't mind sending some your way :)

  2. What nice surprises to find upon your return! I'll be returning to my own garden in a couple of days after having been gone for nearly a week during which there have been heavy rains followed by very high temperatures. It'll be interesting to notice the changes as you have in this post!