Clematis Time!

Yes!  It's Clematis Time!
 And the single Spirea bush we have is showing brilliant colors, too.
Our yard has a way to go before it reaches the beauty of one
we saw on a House and Garden Walk Saturday.
Just look at it!
 I wish you could hear the lovely music piped into this charming place.
 It was hard to leave,
but finally we exited on this rose-lined, brick path.
We returned home with ideas and  plans to implement in OUR yard--
like the wood benches below.  I just LOVE them!
 Have you been on a Garden Walk this season?


  1. Thanks for sharing that lovely little garden.
    Your clematis is looking good!!!

  2. Love the Clematis. Haven't been on a garden walk. Seem to never have the time for such but looks like a lovely one you visited.
    Cher Sunray Gardens