"Yeah.  THAT'S the one!"
Before he went to work this morning, I asked my husband
to remove that huge hosta.
I had a plan.
 One of our old, garage-sale-purchased chairs now sits comfortably
 in the shade of a large bush, trimmed to be a tree.
That being done, I turned my attention to one of our flower beds
looking for places to plant the uprooted hosta which I divided into FIVE!
 Till it was all over, I had quite a pile of weeds and foilage
trimmed back from the fading Surprise Lilies...
All-in-all, it was a satisfying way to spend
a few morning hours of  (is it already?)
one of the last days of spring 2013.
It looks a little fuller from THIS angle, doesn't it?
Oh, Marsha....(or anyone else who know).
I meant to ask if I'm cultivating a weed here (below).
Does ANYone know?


  1. Your re arranging looks great! Your mystery plant/weed is Tanacetum parthenium also known as Feverfew.
    It seeds politely around my garden and is easily pulled if it comes up where you don't want it. I think it's a very pretty filler between bright colored flowers and foliage.

    1. THANK YOU! It all comes back to me now! I'm going to put THIS in my sidebar immediately so I don't ask again NEXT year :)

  2. I too was going to tell you Feverfew. It is both a weed and a cultivated perennial, so it is up to you what you want to do with it. But like Outlaw said, it seeds really freely.

    1. I remember (vaguely) planting it now - Could there have been a medicinal connection that prompted me?

  3. Everything looks quite nice there and it's always nice to have added sitting space.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

    1. I even actually USED the newly added sitting space! Finished a George MacDonald book and enjoyed every minute of it!

  4. The feverfew will keep blooming all summer if you keep it deadheaded. It makes a lovely filler for small bouquets and looks really nice planted around a pink Fairy Rose, with both blooming in tandem.