I got out there EARLY this morning before the heat sets in...
 The Cat was still at her post.
 I can't get over the vivid color of the spirea this year!
 ...decided to drape the picket fence at the front steps with this flag-decorated heart,
 and then turned to look at the west front of the house before
getting to the task of cleaning up the stepping stones on the east front.
 There was a lot of weeding to do, and I cut back the creeping phlox significantly.
I discovered some hosta and sedum hiding behind the growth,
so I dug them out and transplanted them on the east side of the hosue
(which involved tearing out some aggressive wild-strawberry-type ground cover).
On the way back to the garage to return my tools
I paused to enjoy the two lilies that just opened, sighing as I did so 
'cause THIS area needs SERIOUS attention! 
 Maybe tomorrow?


  1. Wow! Busy bee! And all so beautiful! Such a peaceful walk through your garden, thank you!

  2. What a nice morning in you garden! The garden tasks never seem to stop presenting themselves!

  3. Good for you, Rebecca. Looks nice. Susan

  4. The color on that Spirea is bright and beautiful! Your gardens are looking great. My Lilies are blooming right now also. A couple of Daylilies are also open and I'm just waiting for all the others.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

    1. I'm waiting on some Daylilies, too, Cher!