While I Was Away

I've lost the identifying tag for the perennial above.  Every year it grows larger.  The delicate yellow flowers are delightful!  Can you help me with its name?
So many buds opened while I was in Chicago Sunday through Tuesday!  It was exciting to come home and stroll our yard and see the scene my husband had described over the phone!


  1. I know the feeling. We trimmed back our climbing roses 2 years ago, and this year the smaller 3 a loaded with buds. We were surprized to find that one was crimson red and not sure what the other 2 are. I can't wait to find out. We thought we had lost the 3 smallest climbers, but thanks to my dad, they are doing just fine.
    Now, I'm antisipating mu Day Lilly gardens. There is so many wonderful colors. My parents ot me started on them over 6 years ago when they moved to Arizona. I got 54 plants from them. Now that they've moved back to Michigan and live in a condo, they come every Saturday for coffee. My dad heads for the front porch and my mom & I stroll the gardens. I am grateful for the legacy of nature from my parents. I hope I've passed it on to my kids.

  2. oh the joy found in garden surprises...I was so happy to see our rose bushes survived the winter ..they haven't done so well in the past and we moved all of them last year to a new garden...waiting for buds to appear now...the anticipation of gardening...

  3. I think your mystery plant is a Potentilla bush. I have one with small yellow flowers.

  4. Sandy, I think you're right! Potentilla fruticosa looked to be the closest to what I have. Thanks!