Weed or flower? Can you help? (It certainly GROWS like a weed--and spreads like a weed!!) It grows in rounded clumps - maybe 12" high - I don't THINK it's a ground cover...
More perennials and "companion whimsy".  I'm in the market (well, not the market really--I'm looking for FREE)  for more blue bottles for our bottle tree.  My husband created it from what remained of  a tree he cut down.


  1. It doesn't have the leaves of a yellow violet...so it may be what they call Green-and-Gold!

  2. It looks to me like a wild strawberry. I have them all over my yard. Love Di ♥

  3. After looking on google, I don't think it's the Green-and-Gold. Any other ideas? It grows in a pretty tall clump - not like ground cover. And leaves are different. Has 4 petals, not 5....

  4. Look up Celandine, Rebecca!


  5. Nope to celandine and wild strawberries (I DO have some w. strawberries--they stay closer to the ground....)

  6. Rebecca,
    I looked up "Greater Celandine", because that's what I've had in my lilac garden for the past few years. I thought it was a weed until I read your blog and saw Wanda's comment.
    From what I found out about it, it is an invasive, aggressive plant. It usually grows in the wild. I googled images and found it on the 1st page and the last picture.
    Now I have a decision to make next year if it comes back as to whether it stays or goes yet again.
    Hope you solve your mystery. Surprizingly you help me solve mine. Thanks