He Did - She Did

He did.  Hung these shutters on the shed
and rear garage window (in the cool of the evening).
She did earlier (in the cool of the morning)...
Trimmed a couple of TALL bushes and transplanted these hosta and a fern behind the shed.


  1. Love the vanity mirror on the side of the shed..actually shed is too humble a word for your building...

  2. Ahhhhh! Thank you, Donna! But shed it is. About 2/3 of it houses garden equipment. The door on the shutter side enters into a little room that was supposed to be a "get-away" nook for me. Right now it is filled with garage sale items :(

  3. Oh Rebecca I love your shed with shutters girl ! Husband and I have been trying to find light weight, small brackets to hang window boxes by our little windows of the shed with no luck so far. But wow ! you have one gorgeous sanctuary there with the cutest shed with shutters !
    Joy : )
    PS .. I am with Donna .. I think we have to rethink "shed" for describing our little garden homes ? LOL

  4. I don't think I mentioned that the shutters were curbside "pickings"! I think the ones on the shed were actually swinging bar-type doors (so they're a little wide). My husband also modified some of them to put on the window at the front of our house. All that's left is one odd shutter and we'll probably make a table top out of it....