My Tuscany


My Tuscany, I call it now...If you're curious why, follow the link.

"How do Italian friends naturally keep the jouissance they were born with?  I've noticed that they don't talk about priorities.  They work but don't become slaves.  Always they have time to visit.  Early on I learned that in Italian, there is no word for stress; it's a recent import:  lo stress Italian born quality--I have seen it nowhere else--of taking great satisfaction in the everyday." (Frances Mayes, Every Day in Tuscany, p. 283-284)


  1. I like the Italian style of living. No where else, that I know of, shuts down for a 'cappacino break'. Gotta love it! Al fresco dining in your Tuscany would be sweet.

  2. What a lovely spot to sit and reflect! Would love to join you for a chat or just to sit together in some quiet time! Very peaceful! Enjoy!
    Love to you,

  3. Oh, Eileen....if only you COULD be here to chat a spell...then just to sit together with our faces to the sun and enjoying the quiet.

  4. Love all your yard ornaments. You have so many birdhouses - would you like to show off some of them? A little meme we are doing... "Birdhouse Thursdays"