What's Blooming Here?

There is more blooming than I thought yesterday!  The flowers are heavy with rain.  A couple of iris were "downed" by it, but this one is standing...
Besides the pink creeping flocks, the stones also harbor this turtle...
The columbine must have been blooming longer than I thought.  They're over at the side of the house that I've been neglecting lately. 
It was really chilly as I took these pictures this morning.  My bare feet cried to get inside.  I can't wait for the sun to shine.


  1. I like iron pieces in the garden. That turtle is great.

  2. Rebecca, enjoyed peeking through your blogs!! Thanks for the words of encouragement left on mine--visit any time!! You'll be pleased to know that God blessed me with a much better week!! Among other things, one 16 year old girl that I had "talked till blue" with last year came in for her exam yesterday. After much talking (and with some tears) I found out that while in recent placement in a girls home, she found Jesus last week--so I guess God answered MY question--some of these people do find their ways out before they destroy themselves!! AWESOME GOD!!