A Come As You Are Party

 "You should get a picture of your 'flower',"  he said as he came in from his car.
So I did.  Weeds and all.
It's a kind of "Come As You Are" party.
Remember those?


  1. Rebecca, I don't remember "come as you are parties" but I have adopted that as my new motto. I am finding it impossible to keep up with the weeds this year and I notice you have the same little clover looking weed that has taken over my yard. That little bugger is everywhere and you really have to get down on your knees to pull them or they break off. When we people tour now, I will just tell them the garden is hosting a come as you are party :) Great looking Lily!

  2. I really like your new background. Dramatic.

  3. CR - Thank you. This background is one available in blogger's "template designer". They have many attractive ones, in my opinion -- and so convenient to use.

  4. That flower knows it will get all of the attention, so it doesn't mind some competition. :o)

  5. I LOVE come as you are! That's the way it oughta be isn't it?!
    Your lily is beautiful. And I love that he said, "You oughta take a picture of it." ;) That made me smile!!!!