Red, White and Blue

 Like so many others that I'm seeing, 
our white roses have outdone themselves the past few days!
I'm not sure what this blue flower is....I don't think I missed its full bloom.
Maybe more to come?
Update:  Bachelor's Button/Cornflower it is!
Thanks, Wanda AND Nan.
 ...and another look at our Epson salt, miracle roses.
(Actually, I'll never know whether it was the salt
or just the favorable weather.)


  1. Those white roses really shine!!!

  2. I believe the little blue flower is a young Bachelor Button, Rebecca. Your roses are lovely, I have red ones just like yours!

  3. Thanks, Wanda (Bachelor Button). I'll look it up to confirm. I thought BB to be shorter to the ground than this, but it surely could be!

  4. Rebecca, the blue flower is known by several names - Perennial bachelor's button, Mountain bluet, Perennial cornflower. The Latin name is Centaurea montana.I have some and love it. That chair looks perfect among your roses!

  5. Nan, I DID see some cornflower that looked like this! Thanks for the tip.

  6. Love the new look Rebecca!
    Those roses are just gorgeous!
    Epson salts? Are you serious?
    Well who knew?!
    I learn so much from you it's unreal.
    Keep talking
    I'm listening.
    Love those blooms too!
    And the table ROCKS!
    Those boards are shabbylicious!