Too Hot to Handle

Yesterday afternoon, in spite of the heat and humidity, I deadheaded the rose bushes.
Looks like more of the same weather for today. 
It's going to be "too hot to handle" the tools, I think...
 On a quick morning survey of The Beds, I notice the lilies are about to break open...
 the clematis are breath-takingly beautiful...
 the hosta are flowering...
 and so are the weeds growing under other hosta plants!
I just don't have the heart to uproot them now 
when their blue & yellow flowers look so cheerful.
The wooden cardinal remains steadfast at his lookout post
no matter WHAT the weather.

"Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it."
-- Russell Baker


  1. Your garden is looking so pretty. Has there been rain at your place? Lovely lovely rain here. It sure makes the weeds grow. I too have that blue one (Asiatic daylily) and I tell you no matter how pretty it is it comes out because all those seeds-oh my. I made the mistake of actually spreading the seeds around last fall. You'd think I would know better. lol

  2. Tina, I looked up Asiatic daylily and am not sure that is what THIS is...Mine is more "viney" (unless I didn't find the Asiatic daylily you refer to....)

  3. Your flowers are so pretty! I'm jealous of the clematis. We've tried to grow a couple of them and can't keep them alive!

  4. Rebecca your flowers are beautiful. I have the same Clematis plant that you do and have enjoyed it so much. It's such a true purple isn't it?

    You said you didn't want to weed under the hostas and yesterday I spent most of the day weeding and working in my garden. I found that as I pulled weeds that were close to my plants, the dirt would try to uproot the things I wanted to keep and stay. So.... my weeds are gonna have to stay for awhile too. As the weather continues to steam up for the rest of summer now I usually back off and just let it all happen. My garden usually gets taken over with morning glories but... I like that.
    I love the little pot you have hanging on your fence, and tell that redbird "hullo" from me!!!
    Holykisses xoxo

  5. Hey Rebecca,
    Isn't there a bible verse about weeding and uprooting? I keep thinking there is but can't remember where it is.... I kept thinking about it yesterday when I accidentally uprooted a zinnia plant by pulling grass that was growing too close to it.

  6. Yes - Jesus said to let the tares grow with the wheat or something like that. At harvest time (end of the world) they would be separated.

  7. Rebecca I have meant to drop by so often and it has taken me this long to follow through (red faced ;-) .. You have such pretty plants and that clematis is stunning! It is such a beautiful blue!
    What cultivar is it ? .. I would love to have it in my garden : ) .. ah yes .. what a perfect quote for how summer entices and punishes us at the same time .. Oh how I hate that heat and humidity too! But .. we love our gardens don't we !
    Joy : )

  8. For those that garden, gloves and snippers are VERY important. My best gardening days include sharp snippers and pretty gloves. With no holes.