A Senior Moment???

For the rest of this post, you'll have to go HERE.
The title was "Brrrrrr!  It's Cold (Almost).
I composed it and mistakenly placed it on the wrong blog 
and was too lazy to move it!
Must have been a "senior moment".
I hate it when that happens!
It was a really good post.


  1. I checked it out and it was good. I like your mattress spring gallery!

  2. LOL, a "Senior Moment"! I can provide you with them too. I guess from a certain age one senior moments aren't anything extraordinary anymore. LOL

    Anyway, I checked out the post and can't believe how low the temperatures are up there in NE Indiana. I like your mattress gallery. Did you make the two butterflies yourself and paint them yourself too?
    Best Regard
    Paula Jo