June Arrives--Full of Beauty

I've lost the identification tag on THIS one (above).
I'd forgotten that it flowers!
Lamium it is!  (Sherlock Street to the rescue - again.)
These little robins must have been fresh out of the nest.  
They didn't know enough to be afraid!
The irises are putting on quite a show!  
Seems that everywhere their flowers are stunningly beautiful.
A young clematis & a more mature astilbe play their roles in our flower beds.


  1. I'm jealous. We arrived in June with cold rain. Wool socks and rain jackets. I want to be out in the garden, but in the meantime, I'm enjoying your garden - beautiful.

  2. Cute birds on the fence, Rebecca, thought the Cardinal real at first. Your flowers play their roles well!

  3. Your iris are so pretty! The only ones we have are the average pedestrian white and light blueish purple. Forgot about the ones I call black, a very dark color (purple?). Love the astilbe. I do have lamium with the pinkish flowers. Would give you a healthy start of it if we were closer.

  4. Donna, I think "Sherlock" told me her lamium have yellow flowers. Didn't know there were so many colors. I'll bet the pink are pretty!

    And the "average pedestrian light blueish purple" are still among my favorite iris colors.

  5. Rebecca, you have one of the prettiest yards I have seen. Love all your "extras". On a side note, asking for prayer for Gary's mom who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and that has spread to several places in her bones,and according to the oncologist continuing to spread "moderately rapidly"). I know, I've never heard a phrase like that either. She prays for courage and peace.

  6. What a beautiful fence with such cute little robins. The fence is just my style.