What a Difference a Day Makes!

Yesterday there were only buds...
Today the sun is so bright that my pictures didn't turn out
as well as I had hoped...
There were many OTHER things blooming 
as we strolled around our yard this afternoon.

I almost pulled the ground cover(?) growing between the stepping stones
in front of our house.  This afternoon, they are blooming.  
Maybe it really IS ground cover and not aggressive weeds!
I wonder if my friend on Sherlock Street knows?????
I can't get enough pictures of clematis.  
They photograph so easily and are so beautiful.


  1. The white rose is beautiful. Would that the blooms would last all summer...

  2. Hello Rebecca,
    this is one thing I love about gardening and why I'm so passionate about my garden - the daily and sometimes unexpected changes. One day you look around and you might not even see a bud yet and the next day there is a nice bloom at the same spot.
    Thanks for sharing the nice pictures.
    Happy Gardening and Best Regards
    Paula Jo (Spring, TX)