After the Shearing

After a little bit of research, this morning I went out and trimmed the Lamb's Ear (see yesterday's post.) while it was still cool.  I only left one flowering stalk.  There were quite a few moldy leaves in the undergrowth.  I removed them.  The plants look so much fuller now.  I thought the drainage was pretty good where these are growing, but I may brainstorm about a new location and see what I come up with...
If you have Lamb's Ear, where is it growing?
Do you use it as a border plant or a "stand-alone"?
(One site I goggled said it's a good border plant...)


  1. It really looks so much better! It must be the same idea as pinching basil so it doesn't flower, or an inside plant so it doesn't get leggy.

  2. I have a bunch. It did marvelous, very quickly when I divided it up, and planted some elsewhere. Both the original plant and the new ones did very well.

  3. I have small groups of them all over the garden. They seem to do better or worse depending on the weather and me. All our shade isn't quite what they like, so the ones in the sun seem happiest. But I am going to try and trim mine back as you learned.

  4. My lamb's ears was taking over a bed until this year. It can get too dry for it I guess. I usually cut off the flower stalks too as they seed everywhere if I don't. It get lots of sun which it seems to like best.