Fun in the Shade

While playing croquet in the back yard this afternoon,
I noticed these flowers growing in a ditch.
I dug them up by the root and transplanted them.
Will they come back next year?
 I was REALLY happy to notice the single Echinacea (below)
growing in one of our beds.
I THOUGHT I had some last year,
but couldn't remember where!
I also thought we had gotten ride of the moles.
Apparently not.


  1. You bring back memories! We used to play croquet a lot when we were kids.
    The flowers you dug up were zinnias. They may come back as they can spread their seeds. You can also collect the seeds from the middle part when they dry, and plant them in the spring.

  2. You can also winter sow the seeds in jugs which includes the Echinacea and have lots more next Spring to plant out.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  3. So glad you have shade to play croquet. Shade is very much in demand this year as I've never ever seen it so hot here. Whew. Sweating just sitting here. Mari is right on the zinnias. They often self sow if they are in a favorable location. Next year you can count on the echinacea to self sow-and with zeal too! Stay cool!

  4. Oh what fun it looks like yall had!
    Hope those zinnias and purple cone flowers spring up all over next year!