Gardens R Us, Part 1

 Some unusual sights that greeted us along the wooded trails
on the backyard hillside...
The rest of the yard was beautiful, too--
but these trails were enchanting!
 There were little surprises at every turn!
 ...and a couple of the fairies we found along the path...
This was my favorite of seven gardens in the 
Norwalk, OH garden walk yesterday.
For some peeks into the other 6 gardens, go to my other blog here...
Today we travel toward Buffalo for "Gardens R Us" Part 2!


  1. What a fun thing to do! I love seeing other peoples garden ideas.

  2. I love that cobweb. What a cute idea. Sounds like you are having great fun. Thanks for sharing.

  3. The fairy garden at the base of the tree was very inspiring! Lovely garden walk, Rebecca!

  4. I love this Rebacca!
    Love Di ♥