Scene in a New Light

 Our supermarket occasionally runs a "special" - buy 10 for $10/Get the 11th free.
These lights were included.  Yesterday I purchased six of them
and five other grocery items.
I have an appointment that will take me past the store this morning.
I think I'll buy 11 more!  $.90@ is a great deal...
and they looked SO good when the sun went down last night!
How do you "light" the night at YOUR house?


  1. That's a great price, Rebecca. My garden had a few of the ligts at one time, but after a couple of years the solar battery refused to charge, also the deer knocked a few over during the night, time after time. Maybe I should look for a good deal like yours though.

  2. Those are nice. It's amazing what you can find with a solar light now. We have a few solar lights in our garden. I've found that when they start looking dim, I open them and turn the battery to knock the dirt off everything so it charges better. If that doesn't improve the light, I put a new rechargable battery in it. All or ours use AA batteries. Enjoy the lights!

  3. We have some solar lights on our front walk and we love them. You got a great deal on them!

  4. We have no solar lights - too much shade. We have tried. But some friends gave my husband and me each a cap that has a built in light in the bill (like headlights). Sounds funny, but we love them. We put our caps on, turn them on and we are ready to go and they move with us.

  5. Those solar lights are so neat. Good deal on them go get you some more. I use low voltage ones here as I have too much shade for solar lights. Creekside rummager's cap sounds really cool!