Home to our Own

 We couldn't wait to see the condition of our yard & flower beds
after being away for a few days.
 It's dry here...but our perennials are troopers!
 The colors are cheerful.  We're happy to be home
and are eager to incorporate a few things we saw
while strolling the streets of Buffalo.
This gentleman invited us to see his back yard on "Little" Summer Street (Buffalo).
He asked if we'd like some moonflowers and dug up several for us to bring home with us.
I've planted and watered them.  If they perk up,
I'll be sure to photograph them!


  1. Your flowers are looking great!

  2. Isn't it always great to be home and fun to see what your garden did while you were gone.

  3. Your lilies look very nice with your Russian Sage...love the color combination.

  4. Rebecca you know how much I love visiting your garden!
    It sounds like yall had a wonderful time and I love that someone shared moonflowers with you! What a gift!!! What a blessing. I hope they do really well in their new home sweet home!!!