After the Wind

 We went outside to view and straighten up the wind-effects 
from yesterday and last night.
 It didn't take me long to notice
 that no matter WHERE they were
 THEY looked good
 and things AROUND them
looked better, too!
 I think
 there is
 a life lesson here!
I probably should have posted this whole thing
HERE instead of here!
It's more of a "Life Lesson" kind of place.


  1. Glad there wasn't any major damage to your property and you're right Rudbeckia just keeps on giving. They look great.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. My black eyed susan's took a long time to bloom but the are beautiful and plentiful this year!

    Yours look so nice...such a friendly flower.


  3. Can you believe I don't have any blackeyed susans? They are on my list to add next year. Yours look great!

  4. They are so pretty and cheerful! I found one blooming today and was surprised. Glad the wind doing do any major damage.

  5. Love blackeyed susans. It's one flower that just makes me smile. Great life lesson.