The Grand Finale?

 In spite of 93 degree temperatures yesterday, we enjoyed the 
Van Wert (Ohio) Master Gardeners' Garden Walk immensely.
As usual, my camera gravitated toward garden whimsy--
documenting and adding ideas to my ever-busy brain!

 Color, signs, and seating areas always attract my attention.

I really liked this chandelier hanging in this beautiful gazebo.
Can you read the scripted under its eaves below?
(You can click on the picture to enlarge it.)

 Whether rustic....
 or whimsical...
it caught my eye!
I was especially excited to meet a garden blogger (of excellence and renown),
Kylee.  See her Little Acre HERE if you haven't already met her.
We've done some serious Garden Walking the past couple of weeks!
This one may be the 2011 Grand Finale for us.
It's probably time to turn our attention to our own.


  1. Very nice!! Great garden art as well as great plantings. You gave me a great Sunday morning laugh with your post to my blog - and yes, I do blame that spider - wimp that I am.

  2. I've really enjoyed following this garden tour! So many beautiful and whimsical things. Thanks for taking us along.

  3. You and Sue would get along great...she loves flowers and gardens.

  4. All just lovely! I have one of those armillaries. My yard is far from formal but I should find a place to put it outside and try to get it aligned to tell time!

  5. Such a nice walk. The shade catches my eye since it has been so durned hot lately. How very fun to meet another blogger! Garden walks seem to be more fun with a gardening friend. If that last picture is of your garden-it's lovely!

  6. Oh Rebecca thankyou for taking us along!
    My favorite picture was of the old buckboard with the pepsi crate and GARDEN SCENE inside! I could gaze into that pepsi crate for a long time! I saw a garden chair photo like that awhile back. You know .. a planted chair but inside the chair part was a tiny scene. It was just awesome... like your pepsi crate. The little pink vintage metal chair ROCKS too huh?! Your post was absolutely CHARMING! Thanks for bringing your camera!

  7. FRIENDS like flowers give pleasure just by being there. ~~ LOVE THAT!