Our Favorite Nursery

After early morning weeding in our OWN flower beds,
(where DO all the weeds come from and 
HOW do they grow so quickly?)
we spent time later at our favorite nursery - Neuhousers.
My favorite flowers were these appropriately named "Peppermint" hydrangeas.
Above, a beautiful statuary that captured my heart...
and below, a couple of the enchanting pathways and vignettes
that always charm me.
The shade and shadows were soothing
on the perfect 4th of July afternoon.

1 comment:

  1. Hey girl!
    What a wonderful place to visit! The peppermint hydrangeas look so pretty in pink don't they? They do look like candy!! Have you planted any at your house as well? The statue that says NURTURE is so touching! Looks like a Mother or Grandmother's hug.
    I so relate to your wonder of weeds. lol
    It's getting so hot here and won't be long and I'll let the weeds and morning glories have their way until Fall. I actually quit weeding the melon patch as I think the grasses that grow up in the row kinda help shade the melons from splitting before they are ripe. Sounds like a good excuse anyhow doesn't it? haha
    Well til we meet again my friend...