Miracles Still Happen!

I won all the above...the door prize at the Van Wert Garden Walk last Saturday.
Was I ever surprised to receive the call yesterday morning!
I took the Harvester part of the prize with me
when I went to help a friend weed her
WONderful vegetable garden early this morning.
(You can see the morning sunbeams.)
It's SO hot and dry.  It's a MIRACLE the garden is producing
as well as it is.
Upon completion, Donna gave me some onions and zucchini.
I hope very soon this Harvester bag will overflow 
with good things for her and Lynn.
I once heard a song which said,
"You have to plow the fields for miracles to happen".
They have CERTAINLY plowed their field!


  1. that is a big garden! We got 3-5 inches of much needed rain during the night. A huge storm that kept us awake though...

  2. Congratulation Rebecca. How fun to win something.

  3. Congrats! Hope the gardens hold on for you to get some more harvest with your friends.

  4. Oh, how I love fresh veggies!

  5. Oh my goodness Rebecca girl !!
    That is a wonderful surprise to win such great things like these : ) congratulations !!
    I'm not lucky like that so I get excited for friends that win !
    I love the colour to that bag and I am sure it will over flow with lots of goodies from the garden !
    Joy : )

  6. I forgot to give you some lettuce!! My hubby chided me about it! Thanks again for the help and the gift. Donna
    (I hate that I can't use my google account to post comments on your blog, but it's 3 extra steps to do so)

  7. How exciting! Would love to have seen your expression when you answered that phone call!
    That you brought it along to help a friend...
    Blessed my heart.