The Care of Feeding of Lamb's (Ear)

Believe it or not, this ^ is the BETTER looking 
patch of my Lamb's Ear!
OK.  I admit it.  I have paid little attention
to it over the past three or four years since planting it.
Now I see that I should have been encouraging
 outward growth by deadheading the flower spikes shortly after they begin to wilt. 
Also by trimming the outermost leaves I will encourage the foliage 
of each lamb's ear to thicken.
Lamb's Ear is a drought-resistant plant,
doesn't like a lot of watering,
and was once considered a weed!

Speaking of weeds...
Is THIS a weed or should I encourage it?
It grows close to the ground between our stepping stones.


  1. Hi Rebecca - thanks for reminding me about caring for Lamb's Ear. I too forget it alot and mine ends up looking the same. I don't remember what the plant is in the 2nd photo, but I have had it and considered it a plant I wanted. I think it is a succulent - maybe or not. Have a good week.

  2. Hi Rebecca, the last plant is a sedum and if you let it go to seed it will spread everywhere. I let it grow around the pond edges but pull it everywhere else. It grows well in poor dry soils so I have it growing by the barn in a cast iron kettle and it needs little to no watering.

  3. Yes the last is a sedum. I cut any flower heads off before they can go to seed on my Sedums.
    Cher Sunray Gardens